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2 sets of

for $9.99

(12 coasters)

Made from 100% Bamboo



  • Made from bamboo
  • Won't bend, warp or swell
  • Stunning vertical grain finish
  • Sophisticated curve design
  • Absorbs very little moisture
  • Prevents rings and wet-spots
  • Stylish design blends in perfectly into any home environment
INCLUDES: 1 set has 6 Ecoasters

The benefits of bamboo

Ecoasters are made from bamboo, which is one of Earth's most natural and beneficial substances. When you bring Ecoasters into your home, not only are you getting a pack of 6 stylish and attractive coasters that enhance the décor in any room in your home, you're also harnessing the power and properties of bamboo.

Bamboo absorbs very little moisture, which reduces any occurrence of shrinking, warping, swelling and bending. As a result, Ecoasters will last longer than conventional drink coasters. Ecoasters are especially effective against glasses, cups or mugs that have excessive condensation, such as frosted glasses.

Made from an environmentally friendly material, and made in an eco-friendly manner, Ecoasters not only look good in your home, but they're good for the environment too. Because they're made from natural bamboo, Ecoasters are guaranteed to last for years on end unlike other coasters which need to be replaced after a limited period of time.

Stylish design

Ecoasters retain the natural look, color and feel of the bamboo from which it was made from. You'll be adding an authentic Asian touch into your home with these sleek and modern coasters made with traditional crafting methods. Ecoasters are the perfect blend of environmentally-sensitive manufacturing with elegant and contemporary design.

With stunning vertical grains, Ecoasters feature a slightly curved design which is certain to stand out and attract attention. A unique combination of history and sophistication, Ecoasters are sure to find a prominent place in any home.

Perfect for your own home or as a housewarming gift, Ecoasters are the environmentally conscious solution to a common household need preventing rings and wet-spots from drinking glasses. Order your 6-pack of Ecoasters today!



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An ancient twist on a modern convenience

When it comes to coasters, you probably don't think much about them. However, when you dig a little deeper, it becomes clear that coasters especially paper or plastic coasters actually can cause great harm to the environment. That's because it takes energy and resources to manufacture and produce conventional coasters. Plus, paper & plastic coasters aren't that effective in absorbing water or liquid. As a result, you have to replace them time and time again.

For many years, people have been extolling the virtues of bamboo with good reason too. Bamboo products are organically grown and harvested and, in addition, bamboo has an amazing ability to absorb water, liquid and other moisture as well.

Ecoasters bring a touch of eco-chic design into your home with the environment in mind to create an innovative and attractive solution to an everyday problem. With Ecoasters in your home, you'll be doing your part to protect the environment while at the same time giving your home a splash of natural color and feel.